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About Take Charge Services, LLC


Take Charge EEO Services, LLC is an extension of our divine drive, to serve not sweat. Our target is to help our clients take control of and restore workplace purpose—the overall freedom that comes with working independently as well as an environment free of discrimination for all employed in the labor force.

Our main thrust is helping clients obtain certification as an independent contractor who can conduct EEO investigations per MD-110. Upon certification our clients can become business owners with the flexibility to take as many or few cases from various companies seeking their expertise.

We offer training and consulting from experienced former U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); U.S. Department of the Air Force/Navy/Labor personnel. We have expertise in the private and federal EEO process; EEO Counseling; and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). 

We provide counsel beyond the certification requisite to enhance skills obtained through our courses. All of our services are delivered onsite and tailored to client’s specific need.


New EEO Investigator Training

This course meets the requisite 32-hour training requirement in accordance with Management Directive 110 (MD-110) for new investigators. Attendees are prepared to go into the independent contractor field as they are taught fundamental EEO law, interviewing and relevant document writing techniques. The course includes interactive exercises to further develop skill set needed to succeed as a New EEO Investigator. 

Course will include:

  • Fundamental EEO law, 29 CFR 1614 and theories of discrimination

  • The federal sector EEO process

  • Elements of proof in employment discrimination cases

  • Case Study

  • Tips and techniques for writing Investigative Plan (IP) Report and Summary

  • Mock Interviews

Price: $800.00 (Payment plan available under specific circumstances; discounts offered) Price includes: course material, *breakfast/snacks,  limited follow-up assistance will include resume/writing sample review. *Face-to-face classes.

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EEO Consultations 

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We Offer...

expert advice about the investigative process in the private sector. We review policies, pending charges/cases to determine the best way to help our clients resolve important and complex workplace discrimination allegations. Consultation fees are reasonable.


We Facilitate...

mediation and settlement negotiations for small businesses; appear in mediation and Fact-Finding conferences. We recommend preventative actions and anti-retaliatory measures. Additionally, we help prepare statements of position.


We Represent...

our clients with the EEOC and provide counsel beyond the scope of what agency investigators can provide and at a fraction of the cost of an employment law attorney.  We help define the merits of the case, monitor timeline, and direct follow-up actions.



"I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this company! She knows her stuff and is a great trainer! Check it out!"
- Yolanda Hilliard
"You won't be disappointed with this training..The wealth of knowledge you obtain from this experience EEO professional is unmatched. She cares about her clients, her work and is an advocate for education in the EEO arena."  - Eva Rhodes
"I received customized consulting which helped me with strategies to regain control both personally and professionally." - M. Allen, TLC, Sole Proprietor